Liz McDonald

After hitting the gym for years with puny results, and feeling held back from other sports by her asthma and scoliosis, Liz sought out Yoga in 1997. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon with degrees in Drama and Psychology, she went abroad to teach Theatre and Dance in Sao Paulo, Brazil and London.

Earning her certification in 2005 from Simplesmente Yoga, she began teaching at Sao Paulo’s premiere athletic club - Reebok Sports Club (affiliated with the LA Sports club in Beverly Hills). After teaching yoga privately in LA for two years and earning her Pilates mat certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning, she is thrilled to create her own space, intended to bring the warm vibe and feel-good athleticism of a Brazilian Yoga studio to Los Angeles.

Not contained by any yogic tradition, Liz creates a custom made class each time around the students that show up in the room, pulling from myriad styles of yoga, Pilates, dance, and meditation. For more info visit Liz’s personal site at:

Stefani Manger

A native New Yorker, Stefani Manger has obtained her 200 hour yoga teacher certification through Yogaworks
Teacher Training program at the Center For Yoga in Los Angeles and is a RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.

Stefani practiced Mysore-style Ashtanga for 2 years, having the privilege to study with Pattabhi Jois during his visit to Encinitas, CA. She currently studies Vinyasa Flow yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Restorative Yoga with many of Los Angeles’s senior yoga teachers and attends workshops to expand her knowledge and practice. 

Her yoga classes are designed to focus the student inward with attention to alignment and breath, while being fun,
non-competitive, challenging and meditative - incorporating the healing powers of music and yoga philosophy.
For more info, check out Stefani’s website at

Karen Kazanci

Karen Kazanci started her yoga practice 7 years ago when she started teaching elementary school in the inner city of L.A. She used it as a way to deal with the stress of her job, keep her grounded and her energy positive. Yoga became a way of life for her when she started noticing the changes in her body, mind, and spirit. Yoga helped her deal with life in a positive and productive way, reminding her to let go and flow with life. Yoga helps her stay present in the moment, in her body, and helps her feel happy and free. She loves exploring new movements and asanas that make her body feel energized and fluid! Karen keeps her classes light, fun, non-dogmatic, positive, and creative. Her classes focus on alignment, endurance, strength, and flexibility within a fun, free, energetic, and supportive atmosphere. She’s certified through Rainbow Kids Yoga, Mini Yogis, and the White Lotus Foundation.

For more info:

Mestre Omolu

Omolu, a native New Yorker, has been studying and playing Capoeira since the late 80s. Tired of competitive sports, needing a challenging form that could translate to the stage, he finally tried Capoeira. Rough and slow going at first, things clicked when he began practicing Capoeira Angola in 1990. The perfect outlet for channeling life's many emotions, Capoeira Angola heals through movement and music.

Since '03, Omolu has held Capoeira Angola classes throughout Los Angeles (Hollywood-Wilshire Y, Proyecto Jardin in Boyle Heights, Evans Adult School, Occidental College). He has also taught Spinning, Gravity, and Funky Samba and studied various movement forms over the years including Rhumba, Hip-Hop, Afro-Brazilian folkloric dance and many types of Yoga. For Omolu, a writer and actor, it's all about the experience, the expression and the journey. With magic and grace, the disparate roads come together and flow! Omolu brings a funky, fresh approach to Capoeira's traditional form, both honoring the past and pushing the vibrant art forward. Capoeira Angola, like art, like love, like life, is best when shared. See you in class!

Anne Clendening

L.A. native and Vinyasa flow teacher Anne Clendening has been practicing yoga for 14 years. Ever since her first class she has been hooked on the grounding, calming energy that yoga offers, and infatuated with the mystery and sacred mythology that is the essence of the practice. She believes yoga gives us all a connection between ourselves, each other, and the bigger picture of life. With over 400 hours of of formal training at YogaWorks on Larchmont, Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks, and Yoga Tree in San Francisco, Anne's classes are challenging and vigorous, and meant to improve strength, stamina, and flexibility. She includes mantra, heat, challenging poses, music, and meditation to round out her classes, and strives to offer something for everyone. 

Rob Zabel

Rob Zabel has been practicing yoga for over a decade, using it to build his own discipline, sculpting both mind and body.  In highschool, a chance encounter with Valmiki's Ramayana captivated him, leading to a lifelong love of the philosophies and traditions of India.  Rob combines this passion seamlessly with his expertise in organics and herbal medicine, to help students maintain and elevate the physical body, freeing them to live their lives and pursue the inner self.  His whole-hearted love for healthy living through yoga is infectious.  Come visit him at

Kristina Serna

Yoga is an integral part of Kristina’s life and work. Kristina’s class style is rooted in her education and experience with theatre, performance art, yoga, sacred movement, ritual action, and most recently BUTI Fitness. Her classes ignite each student to unleash their spirit through bending and flexing the body, deep breathing, and BUTI shaking!  Kristina Serna believes the more a student looks within during their practice the more they will freely move in their body.

When Kristina Serna is not teaching, she finds time to dedicate to her passion of Performance Art. She uses her Yoga practice as a foundation to create live art. She explores the body and its expansion by creating natural human experiences in site-specific environments. Kristina received her BA in Theatre at Arizona State University, 200 hour RYT at Yoga and Inner Peace in Lake Worth, Florida, and Level 1 BUTI Training in Denver, Colorado. 

Vince McEveety

Practicing first as a teenager, the stories of Selvarajan Yesudian and Elizabeth Haich captivated Vince, as did Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  Through his Unlce, Fr. Eugene Schallert S.J., he was introduced to Guru Dev Singh Khalsa and the journey continued.  He has explored many traditions, religious and philosophical, and integrates that knowledge into his teaching and practice.  Many other teachers have helped Vince along the way, Shashi Pottathil, Atmananda Das, Abbie Britton, the readings of Meister Eckhart and Alan Watts, et al.  He now brings a hybrid class with a twist, a classical Hatha Yoga practice with a peppering of Kundalini, a smidgen of Himalayan Yoga.  Vince has a framework and an intuition that he uses to guide each class according to their needs, encouraging his students to find the bliss in conquering stress, in learning how to control their breath, in strengthening and stretching their bodies, minds and spirits.

Dulce Jimenez

Dulce Jimenez is a Los Angeles native and has had a passion for dancing since she was a child. She began teaching Zumba in 2010 shortly after getting certified as an instructor. Zumba is a great fusion workout with moves to dance music like Salsa, Cha Cha, Reggaeton, Samba and more. The best part is you don’t need any previous dance experience

Tedje Rose

Tedje, from Dutch-Indonesian decent, received an M.A. in Dance from the modern dance academy in Amsterdam. Upon moving to the U.S. Tedje danced the San Francisco Jazz Dance Company, Dance Montoya, and Danca Multicultural. Her knowledge of samba comes from working with artists such as Betho Filho, Celia Malheiros, and Olodum, while performing with Orixa BaBa, Aquarela and Escola Nova de Samba.  She has taught samba and afro brazilian dance at Mills College in Oakland and worked as a residence artist in San Francisco  teaching  Brazilian dance in the public schools.  With her passion for samba and her ability to spread the joy of dance she has volunteered teaching and performing for women's shelters, children's hospitals, cancer patients, senior citizens and youth at risk. She visits Brazil frequently to emerge in the culture and celebrate carnaval and brings back the latest samba music and the hottest samba moves. Tedje believes the joy of samba is for everybody.